Heute von 9:00 Uhr bis 20:00 Uhr geöffnet. Kassenschluss ist um 18:30 Uhr.

Our tips for an unforgettable day in our resort

The staff of the pool is your contact and can share. But the staff also has the house rules; the instructions for all employees to follow necessarily.

The shallow parts may only be used by swimmers safe. The deep water is dangerous for non-swimmers! Overestimate please to bring your power and skill.

Pay particular attention to the transition between non-swimmers and swimmers area. If you are not sure where this transition is, you like to ask our staff.

Children are especially vulnerable to the water; they must always be supervised by their parents or other suitable companion. Children can drown even in flat water and must therefore be constantly there beaufsichtig. Please note that swimming aids can provide absolute security

Please take consideration for other bathers, and in particular the elderly and children. The dignity and privacy of all swimmers (men and women) must be respected; every woman and every man is to be treated with respect. Sexual harassment,
z. B. by lewd gestures, expressions and physical approximations and unwanted touches are not allowed.

Access to the pool is a swimsuit (no street clothes) allows the bathing area may not be entered with street shoes. Please try to use the pool a thorough body cleansing (shower) before.

For each user of the swimming pool, the house and bathing rules, which is on display at the register applies.